ISBA 2004

Awards and Benefits


The following Editorials have donated books for selected posters and selected works from student sessions:


  • ISBA participants will have free trial access to ASMBI (Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry) Journal for three months.
  • Minitab has donated 300 demo versions of Minitab, available to ISBA registered participants.
  • John Wiley & Sons is pleased to announce the republication of Morris DeGroot's seminal book, Optimal Statistical Decisions, as a paperback in the Wiley Classic Series. It is offered at 20% discount. Together with other Bayesian Wiley Classics, Box and Tiao's Bayesian Inference in Statistical Analysis and Raiffa and Schlaifer's Applied Statistical Decision Theory, the package of three books is also offered at 20% discount.