ISBA 2004

Social Events

Following the tradition of previous meetings, the Social Events (also known as "carrete" in the Chilean jargon) includes an opening cocktail, a closing dinner and the ever-popular Cabaret. Local organization of the Cabaret will be directed by Carlos Felipe Henríquez ( who is now receiving proposals for the program as well as special equipment requests for the presentations. A more detailed schedule is given next.

Sunday May 23rd. 2004

17:00 – 18:30 Hrs.

All participants are invited to participate in the Opening Ceremony that will take place at the Venue (Marina del Rey Hotel).

18:30 -- 20:00 Hrs.

The welcoming Cocktail will be offered to Conference participants at Pérgola of Marina del Rey Hotel. Here we will receive and toast with the traditional Chilean "pisco sour" and will taste the famous Chilean wines and our great variety of seafood.

Wednesday May 26th 2004

15:00 -- 20:00 Hrs.

A number of alternatives have been considered for the excursion day. To review them, please follow this link. Also, you can simply walk the streets of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. Here is some sample views of what you will find.

The Valparaíso region has unique characteristics, including its architecture and landscape. These and other features of Valparaíso have inspired several artists. Pablo Neruda, winner of the Nobel Prize, built charismatic homes in Valparaíso and Isla Negra. The city is located in front of the sea, and has a singular topography. It has 45 hills, unique elevators and viewpoints, which allow the tourist to admire it in all its colourful and spectacular view.

Viña del Mar is known as the Garden City. It has many monuments, museums and squares, where you can appreciate different cultural activities. Viña del Mar has attractive beaches and a rich gastronomy. Here you can find entertainment, sports and a relaxed environment for the tourist.

The program continues on Wednesday night with the “Bohemia tour”. Here, you will enjoy the panoramic night in this port, together with the bohemian life.

Thursday May 27th, 2004

20:00 – 21:30 Hrs.

On Thursday night the Banquet dinner will take place in a restaurant yet to be defined.

21:30 and after

The traditional Cabaret will take place at Marina del Rey hotel, where all the participants will be able to share unforgettable moments and pleasant surprises.